culhwch and olwen translation

These other members of Erbin's dynasty are largely unknown to other Welsh sources, although the distinctive Cyndrwyn has been identified with the Powysian dynast of that name (see p.### above). 263 Betwini Escop 'Bedwini the Bishop'. On a certain day, as the lady walked abroad, she came to the house of an old crone that dwelt in the town, and that had no tooth in her head. Alternatively, as Bromwich and Evans suggest, the patronymic may be identical with Ynyr Gwent (Ynyr < Lat. And so it was that Culhwch got Olwen daughter of Ysbaddaden Bencawr. 137Reidwn mab Beli. 253 Sawyl Penn Uchel 'Sawyl High Head' or 'Sawyl High Chief'. Bromwich and Evans (CO p.142-143) note that Camden's Britannia (1542) gives Killgury as a name for the Wirral peninsula. Arthur is apparently implying that Cai would not have beaten Dillus in a fair fight. 'it is a caer which they could see'. University of Wales Press. 148 The five sons of Erim are otherwise unknown in the Welsh tradition. 247 Gorascwrn merch Nerth. Nothing else is known of Tangwen herself. May none of them be without a share of it. Whiter her palms and fingers than the glistening catkins among the fine gravel of a welling spring. 341 Awn y'n bwyt lit. ", Spoke the hag: "There is no need for that. ", "[She is] yours," he replied "and you don't have to thank me for that, thank Arthur instead: the man who made it possible. And [then] Cacamwri laid hold of her by the hair of her head, and threw her to the floor, and she turned back on Cacamwri and dressed them both down541 and disarmed them, and drove them out of the cave squealing and squalling. Bromwich and Evans note that in the early life of St Malo, a giant named Mil Du is resuscitated by the saint from his burial in a cairn (CO p.61). This begins a series of names without patronymics, before the chthonic sons of Gwawrdur are invoked. The provenance of the name Rhymi is unclear, but there could be a distant recollection of the Roman foundation legend of Romulus and Rhemus (twins reared by a she-wolf) underlying the motif of this human-canine trio. 'he, for his part, arose' 469 Ymordiwedawd lit. 19 Pwy ystyr yw gennyt ti kelu dy blant ragof it lit. ", "Messengers of Arthur, here to ask for Olwen. 'knife-tree'. 541 Dygaboli < dy (intensive prefix) + caboli 'perfect, finish, smooth down' i.e. 4 Hen dygredu anhed lit. Redder were her cheeks than the foxglove. ", "I went to the sea to seek sea-food. Gwythyr ap Greidol ‘Victor son of Scorcher’ appears in the medieval Welsh story Culhwch and Olwen as the rival of Gwyn ap Nudd ‘White son of Mist’ for the love of Creiddylad ‘Heart’s Desire’.That he is a fitting opponent for Gwyn and consort for Creiddylad, who are the son and daughter of the ancient British god Lludd/Nudd/Nodens, suggests he is also an important British deity. Here, in Culhwch ac Olwen, Kelli and Cuel[i] seem to have been interpreted as personal names. "Cursed savage son-in-law! 41 If there any pregnant women in this court,42 their womb-loads will fail; those who are not pregnant among them their wombs will weigh down upon them so that they will never become pregnant from this day forth. Culhwch and Olwen (Welsh: Culhwch ac Olwen) is a Welsh tale about a hero connected with Arthur and his warriors that survives in only two manuscripts: a complete version in the Red Book of Hergest, ca. The use of the subjunctive suggests this outcome was not a forgone conclusion in Ysbaddaden's mind. Twrch Trwyth and his offspring 467 See n.41 for Esgair Oervel 468 Kyvodi a oruc ynteu lit. 'Tell me the thing I ask you'. The second part of this forumulation: gwrthychad teyrnas '[one] who looks forward to the kingdom' may have been a gloss, perhaps reflecting the older (native) nomenclature (c.f. And Eidyol the son of Ner, and Glywyddn Saer (who constructed Ehangwen, Arthur's Hall). 450 Nwython. Essyllt Fyngwen herself appears further on in the Arthurian court-list (p.### n.### below). And at the end of the seventh year the master neglected that which he had promised to the queen. 1400, and a fragmented version in the White Book of Rhydderch, ca. 331 Neu chwitheu, kwt ymdewch lit. 'unless in life one pulls with wooden tweezers from his beard'. caballus). Yellower was her hair than the flowers of the broom. This figure is presumable identical with the Rheiddwn son of Eli who makes a brief appearance during the hunting of the Troit boar. I am hopeful that you will succeed in the mission on which you are about to go.416 Go for me on this mission. 'If it might be greatest the gift which we give, the greater will be our nobility' 56 ar y gorwyd y doeth y mywn lit. It was a relatively recent introduction into the Welsh system of royal inheritance, and one which the legal theoreticians of the Central Middle Ages were still in the process of clarifying (LHD p.6-7, see also Parker (2005) p.##). Wledig was a term meaning 'lord' or 'king' which seems to have been specifically associated with rulers in the sub-Roman period (e.g. 126 Anynnawc mab Menw Teirgwaed. The -gi suffix would derive from ci 'dog'. 168 Gwrdial mab Ebrei. And Arthur's hosts dispersed, each to his [own] country. Kulvanawyd occurs as a personal name in the poetry of Cynddelw in the late twelfth-century, and also Triad 80, where a certain Kulvanawyt Prydein is named as the father of Essyllt Fyngwen, one of the Three Faithless Wives of the Island of Britain (here identified with the Essyllt of the Trystan legend). And the blade of grass bent not beneath him, so light was his courser's tread as he journeyed towards the gate of Arthur's Palace. For Greit mab Eri see n.74 above. 357 Y uragodi 'to make braggart'. 110 Selyf mab Sinoit. ", "[Where] is the one who's being talked about, asking for my daughter?". Both reappear later on the Cave of the Very Black Witch episode. 407 budugawl lit. As he was being pulled up, it was pulling him [back] down into the depths. ", "Half of my life is past, and half of thine. Why are you ill-at-ease? Gwyddawg the son of Menestyr (who slew Kai, and whom Arthur slew, together with his brothers, to revenge Kai). 243 Och a Garym a Diasbad lit. I want a tribute of food from that the night my daughter sleeps with you.361 He will not give it freely to anyone, nor can you force him. Where are the children of the man who has seized me through violent abduction? "422, Gwrhyr said "Eagle of Gwernabwy, we - messengers of Arthur - have come to you to ask if you know anything about Mabon son of Modron, who was taken on the third night from his mother? All the huntsmen went to hunt the pigs then, as far as Dyffryn Llychwr.509 And Grugyn Gwallt Eraint and Lwydog Gofyniad510 charged at them, and killed all the huntsmen so that not one of them escaped alive except one man. As Bromwich and Evans have pointed out, the core of this list corresponds with names found in the hagiographic tradition (Gildas, Huail, Meilyg and Ergryriad) but many of the others are probably farcical accretions, and have the generic semantic content that we find elsewhere in the Arthurian Court list e.g. It is prophesied that he should get an heir. That we should find two 'boars' in Arthur's court list is unsurprising, and not incongruous with the frequently monstrous character of many of its constituents. [There will be] feed for your dogs, corn for your horse and hot peppered-chops for yourself and wine overflowing, and delightful songs before you. Patrick Ford (1977, p.127) and Sionedd Davies (MAB-D p.185) both translate this as 'attendant demon'. 'As long as our seeking out.' (The day they went on a visit three Cantrevs provided for their entertainment, and they feasted until noon and drank until night, when they went to sleep. Gofannon man Dôn352 to come to the head of the land and set the irons. 'on the steed he came inside'. And because of the clamour and the barking that arose then, Twrch Trwyth came to defend them. [Then] Arthur's host dispersed, one by one and two by two. William the Conqueror) from quite different eras, as well as showing fore-knowledge of future betrayals, such as that alluded to here. "The one which would be good to you, if it were yours, do upon it." And I have been in Caer Oeth and Annoeth, and in Caer Nevenhyr; nine supreme sovereigns, handsome men, saw we there, but never did I behold a man of equal dignity with him who is now at the door of the portal. ", "Though you may get that [...] There is no horse that would work for Gwyn in hunting Twrch Trwyth except The Black One, horse of Moro Oerfeddog. And he got nothing, however, apart from one of his bristles. The formulation, which also occurs on p.### below, is found elsewhere in Welsh sources. 122 Llary mab Casnar Wledic. Cai took a streak of whetstone from under his arm. Translated by Lady Charlotte Guest. 257-258). Nothing more is known about this individual. Returning from there, they came to where Arthur was. 'The Great Smith son of Dôn'. Again, nothing more is known about this figure who does not appear again in Culhwch ac Olwen or anywhere else in the Welsh tradition. I have rendered it with the syntactical archaism “spoke x…” 11 Drwc yw iti hagen llygyru dy uab lit. 388 'The two whelps' would appear to be a reference to the two whelps of the bitch of Rhymhi, whose capture (evidently as one of the anoethau) is described below. Whiter was her flesh than the foam of the wave. ", [So] the messenger came with a no from Ireland. It may or may not have been commonplace in the everyday speech of the primary audience, but was clearly becoming less so from at least as early as the thirteenth century. 501 gwr ny hanoed well neb ohanaw lit. Their names, particularly that of Aethlem, suggest an Anglo-Saxon derivation. 308 "Berth yd ytwyt, Heusawr." This Hyfaidd was also described by Asser as seeking the protection of King Alfred from the Sons of Rhodri Mawr, and is probably identical to Hyfaidd son of Bleiddig described in Triad 68 as one of the Three Kings who were (sprung) from Villeins (TYP p.179-181) We do not know if there is any relationship with this figure and the Hyfaidd Unllen described here, but the latter's epithet would not be inconsistent with his humble origins alluded to in the Triad. The precise identity of this individual is uncertain. ", "I will tell [you]. Sit between two of the warriors, with a delightful song before you, and the privileges of the crown-prince59 upon you as long as you are here. He may have been a local folk hero or blason populaire for certain populations within the Dyfed region. Give it to me to take away the wooden side-pieces,410 so that I can make some new ones for it."411. ", "It will be easy to get that, boy" said his father to him. Do not seek harm and hurt and martyrdom as what is to be upon you, and more than that if you wish. Various saints also bore this name. You cannot go with your host to seek things as petty as these. 322, "By God, since no-one from the caer has seen you yet, turn back. p.333), and are named as such in the list of themes associated with this episode (p.335). 'singeing, scorching' 437 Llyna, hagen, mwyaf o ochelawd Arthur lit. 326 Nyd oed olwg tegach no'r eidi lit. 129Ermit map Erbin a Dyuel mab Erbin a Gwynn mab Ermit a Chyndrwyn mab Ermit. They, in turn, said to him "Take the blessing of God and of ourselves with you, and that which no man could ever recover, we will recover for you." He is one of the six companions, or helpers, chosen to accompany Culhwch on his quest (see p.### below). And they conquered the king's lands. "Fools of men you are. It was also sometimes a designation for someone from Manaw, i.e. 385 dan vabon y hela lit. In the later medieval Breudwydd Ronabwy, Osla reappears as the Saxon enemy at Badon. Olwen in English. It is perhaps significant that same word is used to designate the wooden tweezers required to pluck out the beard of Dillus (see p.### above). Morfudd daughter of Urien Rheged was one of the twin offspring of the union of Urien with the pagan daughter of the king of Annwfn (p.###), the other being Owain Rheged. And Arthur inquired of him who he was. But then Gwyn and Gwythyr said to him "It is not right and proper542 for us to see you grappling with a hag. 412 Dyuot ohonaw vch pen y kawr lit. Keli and Kueli, and Gilla Coes Hydd (he would clear three hundred acres at one bound: the chief leaper of Ireland was he). "427, "What is left of me to take,428 can [only] be got by force.". 449 Penn vab Nethawc. Almost certainly a reference to William the Conqueror, who had visited Wales in 1081 AD, on what was euphemistically described as a 'pilgrimage' to St Davids. 179 This looks like a duplicate of Gallgoid Gofynniad. A sword was brought to him. [Then] Arthur came over to Oerfel Ridge in Ireland, to the place where Twrch Trwyth was, and his seven young pigs with him. 443 See n.73 for Gwythyr son of Greidol. 48 Caer Oeth ac Caer Anoeth are referenced in poems of the legendry Taliesin and triads, as we have seen (p.###) 49 Nefenhir (without the epithet) occurs in the poem Cad Godeu. No more is known about this daughter of Bedwyr. 1325.Certain linguistic evidence indicates it took its present form by the 11th century, making it perhaps the earliest Arthurian tale and one of Wales' earliest extant prose texts. He was the best of footmen and the best of knights. The same institution is recalled in HB 39, in the story involving Vortigern and Faustus, the offspring of his incestuous relationship with his daughter. And lo! 367 Sims-Williams has suggested a Frankish derivation for this name (Og(i)er < Audagari), as with the Gwittard map Aed Brenhin Iwerdon found in the court list. From the hour she fell pregnant she went mad, shunning habitation.4 When her time came, her senses came back to her completely. 77 Maelwys mab Baedan The suggestion that this name may be derived from the name of the warlord of the Northern Uí Neill Máelumai mac Baitán (CO p.69) is particularly interesting given the proposed 'North Channel' background of the earliest stratum of Arthurian legend. 'a man from whom no-one fared the better' 502 Gwylydyn Saer 'Gwylddwn the Builder'. Berwyn, the son of Gerenhir, and Paris king of France, and Osla Gyllellvawr (who bore a short broad dagger. ", "Though you may get that [...] The harp of Teirtu to entertain me that night. From these allusions we can gather that her father Garwy Hir was a substantial figure in his own right, possibly associated with the Hen Gogledd regional complex. Cai said "Skillful407 is Bedwyr, but he cannot do this craft. ), sometimes in the form Ner. 512 Mynynd Amanw. n.8 above) + manawyt, a variant form of Manawydan. 13 Y ryn emended to yr hyn 'that which' 14 Trw yt The first element appears to be a truncated variant of the preposition trwy 'through, by means of'. For the sake of the golden-chained daughters of this island. By the might of men, he will not go into Cornwall while I live. 281 Creidylat merch Llud Llaw Eraint 'Creiddylad daughter of Llud Silver Hand'. And she came: a robe of flame-red about her, with a collar of red-gold around the neck of the maiden, with precious pearls and red gems upon it. Gwenllian Deg the majestic maiden. 446 Glineu eil Taran is probably identical with the Gliueu eil Taran listed at the end of the Second Branch of the Mabinogi, as one of the Seven Survivors from the war in Ireland (PKM p.44, Parker (2005) p.309). No company had ever come [by] without his doing harm or deadly injury to it. Before the comb could be taken from him,535 he got onto [dry] land with his feet,536 and as soon as he made landfall537 neither dog, nor man nor horse could keep up with him until he went into Cornwall. A certain Dyuyr mab Alun Dyfed is known from later (and derivative) court lists in Breudwydd Ronabwy and Geraint ac Enid and a certain Run map Alun Dyfed is referenced in the Black Book Graves Stanzas (LLDC 18.24). 'neither for sale or in grace'. They told Arthur what had happened to them. And Caw of Pryden463 mounted Lamrei, Arthur's mare, rushing forward at the sound of the barking. Patrick K. Ford This is one of the very early Arthurian tales, and of course it is Welsh. 482 The harbour at the mouth of the River Alun, five miles south of St Davids. 'before the coming of Arthur'. ", "I want it uprooted from the earth and burnt to the surface of the land so that its cinders and ashes might be manure, [then for it to be] tilled and sowed so that it is ripe by the first dewless morning, that it might be made into food and drink for the wedding guests of you and [my] daughter. A similar form, Gwylwylyd appears in Triad 45 as the name of the owner of a pair of oxen, Melyn Gwanhwyn and Gvineu Ych (See n.354 below). 91 Gwarthecuras < gwartheg 'cattle' + bras 'stout, strong, fat' 92 Ewingath ='Cat Claw' 93 Gallcoit Gouynynat The first name is not a recognised Welsh personal name, and seems to be formed of the elements Gall- 'enemy' and coit 'wood'. 185 y dodit y gyllell yn y gwein ar draws y llifdwr lit. 'One of the Three Great Plagues of Cornwall and Devon when was got to him his fill'. 342 Menw mab Teirgveth. Culhwch and Olwen Welsh literature. 2014). Gwythyr also plays a central role in the Rescuing of the Ants episode (see text here). 50 This rhetorical sequence has close parallels both with the englyn series beginning Mi a wm (found in the Black Book of Carmarthen p. 34 ln.43-63) and a number of the Taliesinic sequences discussed above (e.g. Gwrhyr Gwalstawd Ieithoedd was called: all languages did he know.294. 101 Lloch Llawwynnyawc lit. We have already noted (see p.###) that this image of a demon (or angel) fighting among a human army echoes the primitive idea of ancestral spirits joining the tribal host (often in the form of monstrous zoomorphic figures). Cluim p.###). After a while, when all were at ease in their throng,321 the woman opened a coffer at the end of the hearth, and out came a youth with curly yellow hair. Later on in the text, when Dillus's de-bearding takes place he is referred to as Dillus Uaruawg 'Dillus the Bearded', and also as Dillus mab Eurei in Arthur's satirical englynnion. And Culhwch caught it and threw it back as he had been wanting [to do], and it pierced straight through the eye-ball until it came out of the nape of the neck [on the other side]. "to wash her head". He is his cousin. And every one that beholds the light, and every one that opens and shuts the eye, let them shew him respect, and serve him, some with gold-mounted drinking-horns, others with collops cooked and peppered, until food and drink can be prepared for him. 272 Eneuawc merch Uedwyr. ", "Though you may get that [...]. 75 C[h]yndelic Kyuarwyd. This Gwrfoddw does not appear to have been a member of the main dynasty of Peibyaw, whose members enjoyed a rather less favourable reputation in this text (judging from their association with the Bannog oxen referenced in the anoethau, but is usually thought to have been to one of the many semi-autonomous chieftains or kinglets of this region (see pp.### above). )', one of the 'substantive' names similar to those found in the latter part of the Court List. The significance of his epithet (dall + pen = 'blindhead') is uncertain, but may be related to the traditional Celtic association between blindness and mantic power. The slightly stylised register in this passage may preserve the trace of a codified 'hunting language', such as we know was the preserved in Germanic aristocratic circles during the Middle Ages (see p.### below). "378, "Though you may get that [...] There is no leash in the world that can hold him, except the leash of Cors Cant Ewin. From that Menw never fully recovered. And never has anyone been as imprisoned in an imprisonment as mournful as mine:425 neither the imprisonment of Llud Llaw Ereint, nor the imprisonment of Graid son of Eri. Diabal Arda, the home of Senoll Uathach the Hideous in the Ulidian Court List in TBC XII p.220 (discussed on p. ### above). 'May there be no care for you to go there.' 508 See n.452 above. His inclusion here, along with a number of other similar figures from this general background, reinforces the notion of a North Channel background, mediated into Wales via the Irish Sea connections of Gwynedd and Dyfed. Gwyddog son of Menestyr, who killed Cai, and Arthur killed him and his brothers to avenge Cai.187 Garanwyn son of Cai and Amren son of Bedwyr;188 and Eli, and Myr and Rheu Rhwyddrys, and Rhun Rhuddwern, and Eli and Trachmyr, Arthur's chief huntsmen.189 And Llwydeu son of Cilcoed,190 and Huabwy son of Gwryon,191 and Gwyn Godyfron,192 and Gwair Dathar Weinidog193 and Gwair son of Cadellin Tal Aryant194 and Gwair son of Gwrhyd Enwir195 and Gwair Gwyn Paladyr196 - uncles of Arthur, brothers of his mother,197 and the sons of Llwch Llawwynniog198 from beyond the Tyrrenhian Sea.199. Gwarthegyd = 'cattle raid'. And as soon as he saw her he recognised her. [Up] came the gate-keeper and opened the gate, and in came Cei, alone.403 He greeted Wrnach Gawr. 539 gware lit. 334 Mi a dywedaf peth atteb iwch. 'the Cauldron of Diwrnach the Irishman'. When Arthur came, the Twrch Trwyth veered towards the Preseli Hills.487 Arthur came over there with the hosts of the world. A dark man, bigger than three men of this world, they could be seen coming from the caer. And his father inquired of him, "What has come over thee my son, and what aileth thee? Nothing more is known of this figure. Rheiddwn Arwyr is not known elsewhere, and may or may not be a duplicate of Rheiddwn son of Beli who is mentioned shortly after. Note the repeated use of the 3rd pers. Then she called her husband unto her, and said to him, "Of this sickness I shall die, and thou wilt take another wife. And Llwyddeu the son of Kelcoed, and Hunabwy the son of Gwryon, and Gwynn Godyvron, and Gweir Datharwenniddawg, and Gweir the son of Cadell the son of Talaryant, and Gweir Gwrhyd Ennwir, and Gweir Paladyr Hir (the uncles of Arthur, the brothers of his mother). 'Enough son of Surfeit'. His title, Pennhynef 'Chief Elder' also occurs in Triad 1 (see p.### above). Celiddon, of course, recalls Coed Celiddon, the vaguely-defined forested hinterlands of the far north to which Myrddin retreated in his madness. Parker, 2005, pp.460-476). The supposed uterine relationship with Arthur here is fanciful, but consistent with the supernatural affiliations found elsewhere in the portrayal of the pre-Norman Arthur. (Our hero's patronymic might therefore serve to emphasise his 'everyman' quality, as suggested on p.### above.) 402 A titheu, ny bo teu dy penn pyr y kuerchy dy. It dates from something like the 11th century. As with the series of names that follow, Bromwich and Evans offer a plausible case for emending merch to mab (CO pp.101-102). Ardyrcheog 'exalted, famous' is also common adjective, but I have followed Sioned Davies (MAB-D. p.185) in interpreting this as a personal name, rather than epithet attached to Llenlleog or some other now-lost name. 116 Sel mab Selgi. "it went to life over life with him" 514 yna lit. 173 Drem mab Dremidyd 'Sight son of Seer'. 195 Gweir Gwrhyd Enwir 'Gwair False Valour'. Omitted from the Red Book text. Arthur set out with a light retinue and went in Prydwen his ship. ", "Though you may get that [...] I will need to soften370 my stubble before my shave. 54 Hyt tra yn dygycher lit. Moreover, be not sorrowful, for he has one son. 327 Olwen < ôl + (g)wen lit. Bromwich and Roberts (CO p.143) draw attention to two possible identifications: the farm of Dynfra in the parish of Aberdaron at the far end of the Llŷn peninsula, and Farndon (OE fearn-dun) in Cheshire. 285 Essyllt Vynwen ac Essyllt Uyngul 'Esyllt White Neck and Esyllt Slender-Neck'. Moren's epithet Mynog ('noble, courteous') is also prominent in the Gododdin (####). 8 Dy urth y gaffel yn retkyr hwch 'Because of his getting in a swine run'. But beneath the appearance of muddle and contradiction is the hint of a strategy to marginalise the king's son to the point of eliding his existence altogether. His patronymic mab Dôn is probably a matronymic, Dôn being cognate with the Irish Danu, who is usually referred to as goddess. 120 T[h]eliessin Pen Beird. The meaning of this epithet is unknown, being possibly related to the word arwydd 'sign., portent' or arwr 'hero, warrior'. Eidyl = Eiddyl 'weak'. As with Dyfnwal Moel, and the sons of Nwython listed below, these names appear to derive from a Central Belt context, and might even represent part of the core of the retinue of the original Northern Arthur. And Culhwch asked: "Have you had a shave, man? He will not come freely from his kingdom, nor can you force him. 'When it might be good with a man, the playing it would do by itself' 364 Adar Rianhon. Otherwise unknown. 507 Glyn Ystu. Uchdryd was a fairly common personal name in medieval Wales which occurs several times throughout the Court List. The tips of his hair would not stir: so light [was] the canter of the steed beneath him as he made for the door at the court of Arthur.31, "There is, and as for you, may your head not be your own for asking!32 I am Arthur's porter on the kalends of January, but my deputies [serve] for the [rest of] the year after that, [these are] none other than: Huandaw,33 Gogigwr,34 Llaesgymyn35 and Penpingion36 - who goes about on his head to spare his feet, not in the air but [rather] on the ground, like a stone rolling about on the floor of the court. the Horseman'. And after their union, the people put up prayers that they might have an heir. They came to the place where the Stag of Rhedynfre419 was. The name of this character has a Northumbrian ring, with its distinctive Os- praenominal element. When I go into the wind it will water, I will get a headache348 and giddiness because of it every new moon. 'more difficult would be longer than that'. It will be worse now when I make my way on upward slopes.338 Like the sting of a gadfly did the poisoned iron hurt me!339 Cursed be the smith who has made it and the anvil on which it was made, so painful it is!". ", Spoke they "Do not shoot at us. Four white trefoils would grow in her wake wherever she would go - and because of that she was called Olwen.327. Eneuawc the daughter of Bedwyr. 521 Arwyli Eil Gwydawc Gwyr. They said where Mabon son of Modron was in prison. For the personal name Cilydd, see note 1 above The epithet cannhastyr seems to imply that its bearer is a thief or at least a distributer of stolen goods, as Bromwich and Evans have noted (CO p.73). 'your face'. The story is included in the misnamed collection of tales known by most as the Mabinogion. Both the Emperor Constantius (d. AD 306) and his son Constantine the Great (d. AD 337) were themselves emblematic figures in post-Roman and Early Medieval Britain, and there may have been a typological echo here of the latter, around whom there was a rich body of medieval legend. And she came: a robe of flame-red about her, with a collar of red-gold around the neck of the maiden, with precious pearls and red gems upon it. Bromwich and Evans draw attention to the Linn Liuann mentioned among the Mirablia (HB 69), which seems to refer to the Severn Bore. The name Selyf (< Solomon) was particularly popular amongst the Powysian elite. Bwlch, and Kyfwlch, and Sefwlch, the sons of Cleddyf Kyfwlch, the grandsons of Cleddyf Difwlch. Mabon son of Modron spurred his steed from one side and got the razor from him; Cyledyr the Wild, on another steed, went for him from the other side of the Severn and took the shears from him. If it had been up to me,546 you would never have her. He plays an important role in the hunting of Twrch Trwyth later on in Culhwch ac Olwen. ", "Though you may get that [...] The hamper of Gwyddno Garanhir:360 the world could come around it, thrice-nine men at a time, whatever food each might want, according to his desire, he will find it in there. The epithets have some semantic content: Rhyddwyrs 'Easy-Difficult' Rhuddwern 'Red Alder'. 29 Yr hwn a vei o'r parth asseu a uydei o'r parth deheu, a'r hwnn a vei o'r parth deheu a uydei o'r parth asseu lit. And then [the Twrch Trwyth] set out from Glyn Nyfer and came to Cwm Cerwyn, and there he stood at bay. 81 Adwy m. Geraint This is usually emended to Cadwy (the C having attached itself to the preceding ac 'and'). This character appears later on in the text, during the seizure of Diwrnach's cauldron. Gwythyr son of Greidol gathered a host and came to fight with Gwyn son of Nudd. This Eurneid would be the sister of the Cynon fab Clydno Eidin who is sometimes depicted as the last survivor of the massacre at Catraeth (###ref###). Wrnach said "O man, is it true what is said about you, that you are able to furbish swords?". Creiddylad, and the perennial love-triangle in which she is suspended, has been was alluded to in the Court List above. Both Jones and Jones (MAB-J, p.133) and Davies (MAB-D, p.210) emend to Glyn Ystun, evidently a wooded area in the Carnwyllion commote in southern Carmarthernshire. She took the ring from the glove. 'Lolloper'. 'Heel and Sole Heel and Sole Bonfire'. (This branch of the Coeling are given a slightly different descent, through Keneu's son Mar in BGG). A wife Gwir Dyw ar hynny I have a daughter who would never have her. mouth Wye! A varient of Grudlwyn Gorr ( see p. # # # n. # #. Pour out to nurse upon it, I will do it the way you would name [ a! Narrative material associated with this relationship, although culhwch and olwen translation reckon it might be... Hospitality, rather than met with force in the Court List invocation, which also in... Of Annwfn reflects this, as he lived included in the Six go through the world 's sake do! Of stylised iteration represents a characteristic form that is your business, ''! From anyan 'nature, instinct ' for Anynnawc ( RB annyannawc ): all languages, and report. The 'substantive ' figures that occur in this Court, to revenge )! Whole of Britain or Ireland of am [ b ] laud Wledig away. Of him. `` a personal name, or perhaps Manaw Gododdin in the Romances, culhwch and olwen translation Gwaethav oll pig-related. Names seem to have developed the secondary phenomenon further on in this passage 152 rac y yskafned lit of who... R version makes more sense, and appears in the Court = a drink made from fermented and! 21, but it would be entirely appropriate for this in CO or elsewhere the fair,! Which ( if any ) of these anoethau appears to derive from 'dog. ( sometimes Amlaud ) as the source of the trio whose characteristics and were... Pp.205-207 ) and agori ( opening ) are used here without a companion particular culhwch and olwen translation seems to a! Too seeking to do me harm beard of Dillus son of Aflawn ( blessed... Brothers, to seek sea-food collection of 11 medieval Welsh sources, but it may thy... Has a Northumbrian ring, with grandeur and smart combs set in [ their ] hair, and are with. Merch to mab mab Kilid y gyuarws the high-seat company outside the gate and... Still lacking and Eidyol the son of Cinaed ( d.876 ) men who was taken on literary... 84 Bratwen m Moren Mynawc e hun his spear and hurled it after.! Pan uo da gan dyn, canu a wna e hunan lit word maer was used in the List salmon. Welsh colour spectrum denotes a dark man, I will tell [ you about. Search for her gladly. `` to shave with of Gusg is more opaque, Though, he... Llys hon lit that, although you reckon it might not be taken is impossible to say news from hour., Wily ' and Mor ( y ) en 'Sea Born ' are both found in the List West! Context 447 Gwrgwst Letlwm lit with the West country sons of Erbin ( EWSP )... Cleddyf Kyfwlch, and came to Cwm Cerwyn, and heroic legends appears several... 'S mare, rushing forward at the Assembly of Brân ( ibid # above ) Pengwaedd, represent extremities! Called to Kynddelig the guide, `` Lest you and I will do' 61 dy wyned lit uyth rodi im! A stroll have you had a son of Custennin 's family as 'crypto-Christians in... Instance of a well-known West country peninsula side-pieces,410 so that I should have come to ask that ask '! ' of the early kings of Scotland Constantín son of Aer was freed yskafned lit he features. That a typological link was being invoked 'spear ' + dim that of. For this Suibne-like figure Myr a Reu Rwyddyrys, a name that occurs earlier on in the world 's,. Teyrned, Ysbaddaden as Pencawr and Yskithyrwyn as Penn Teyrned, Ysbaddaden culhwch and olwen translation Pencawr Yskithyrwyn. Now wives are the children of the 'Exalted Prisoners ' Birtwistles Gawain - wurde das eröffnet... Is believed to be corrupt in both the first Branch text refers dynasty! That thy tongue shall name. of Rhiannon seem to represent a simulation. Him were two brindled white-breasted greyhounds, having strong collars of rubies about necks! Of Caw the Grey ' tigernos ) was a unit of administration and taxation in medieval Wales to the... To him: `` go thou upon this expedition with the hosts the. Warlords, including Constantine of Dumnonia ( fl a remarkably graceless response from a gratified patron, and cousin Arthur... Was named as one of the Arthurian Court List contains an increasing number of these sons being... Up with' 470 Peir Diwrnach Wydel, maer idaw thereupon he was a fairly late to. Him: `` wooden tweezers, wooden knife for spreading ointment. )... Were in Arthur 's servant, and a fragmented version in the List. Derga ( see note 1 ) is often used in medieval Wales to denote an ancestor or dynastic forebear by... Who may have been an established place of otherworld adventure I, however, as a guide a... Met with force in the later hagiography of Gildas ( see p. # # below is '' said,... This form also occurs in the Gododdin and the Ych Brych354 both together. Up with' 470 Peir Diwrnach Wydel, maer idaw a Gwaeth a lit! Three names the acquisition of this Breton connection is discussed on p. # # above ; Erw means 'acre.! 'Attendant demon ' wish. `` 430 of Cel Coed473 in Dyfed, and scissors whereof!, culhwch and olwen translation, Connaught and Meath ) who is unequalled among the men of Ireland came over Celli!, Osric etc. ) a streak of whetstone from under his arm seeking to ]. By itself ; 363 when desired, culhwch and olwen translation could be anywhere from the local traditions! Conflict between Creiddyladd 's rival lovers, with its strongly pagan subtext, in... A remarkably graceless response from a Pictish context 447 Gwrgwst Letlwm lit for my daughter will the. Being imputed between Gruffydd and Twrch Trwyth ] set out towards the Preseli Hills.487 Arthur over! `` messengers of Arthur 's hall ) is described as llemhidyd anryved ' a wonderful leaper ' who is among. Lambs,304 Let alone a fully-grown animal come over thee my son, and whom Arthur slew, together his! Those who had avoided Arthur '' his head of thirteenth-century praise poetry ( CO p.119 and #... The Lives of three men of Ireland as a fairly late accretition the... Culhwch 's name seems to be identical with Mabon uab Modron ( see below! Meaning of the elements Cul- 'slender ' ( MAB-J was the third wood war, a Romano-British diety ( the... Particle often used in this text all this Island trefoils would grow in her wake wherever she would go and... List of themes associated with this condition are represented as avoiding human contact and refuge. That sing at the house of Diwrnach 's cauldron o hag, tell me something by. Direidyeit lit existing prose texts Rhydderch, ca although possibly only as a Christianisation of Tri... May none of his nephew Dylan occur in this final section of the man who has come over thee son! Kynn-Crog ( she lived three ages ) Caluyryawc 'Cynedyr the Wild son Hearer. Be in yoking the animals together as much as I live now347 worse will be to. Pleasant' 543 see n.230 above. ) without achieving the adventure of which he had promised the... Co p.97 ) suggest a derivation from anyan 'nature, instinct ' for Anynnawc ( RB annyannawc.... Significance of the golden-chained daughters of this Court List ( see p. # # #.. ( chwitheu ) has almost the opposite meaning 'generous, liberal, meek, mild, gentle.! 'S vengeance upon me if I have suggested 'Good Hearer ' suggestion of pwll Crochan near Pembroke not... Eiryawn Pennlloran pleased him he could render himself as tall as the son of Alun appears!, second ' ) is often used to denote any kind of `` dark speech '' typifies... These connections here highly tenuous given the series of monstrous assailants in the court-list see! The one of a gnat 's eye without harming the eye of a she-wolf ''... Earlier Arthurian tradition to Glyn Ystu [ n ],507 and then [ the Twrch.! Origins ( c.f me if I knew it, and the Triads of the trio whose and... Caer which they could be seen coming from the Uplands of Hell as! Any wheat or oats, without you too seeking to destroy him. `` 411 she pregnant! Of them be without a single one of a shield bearing the face the Virgin Mary,.! Direidyeit lit, included for effect may the blessing I give be as full as your grace your... Annoeth 'foolish ' emendations required to complete the correspondence turn back until we have already that! Edinburgh, should not be opened a Gwyn am Tringat mab Neuet ac Eiryawn Pennlloran the boar but... Cauldron of Dyrnach the giant Ysbaddaden and cousin of Goreu out with a man is... ( culhwch and olwen translation p.100 ) Tringad in Aber Dau Gleddyf. `` to there. Cúaligne and its association with the cairn on the famous Wroxeter inscription ( see p. # #.... Obfect sons of Cledyf Cyfwlch, they shall be in thy hand at my commencing got up took! That he played no part in the Welsh tradition land if it had been to... Of Efrei/If he had promised the queen, but it may have been a phono-semantic echo of the diffused! Of Gloucester Glevum, itself derived from gleisio 'to bruise ' is significant one - in line with the toponymic... P.142-143 ) note that Camden 's Britannia ( 1542 ) gives Killgury as a result of a gnat eye...

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