definition of flexibility in sport

371–378. (2000) Reduced strength after passive stretch of the human plantarflexors. Flexibility program. Feel free to check it out. Your flexibility is a combination of a number of physiological effects, including anatomy, sex, age, as well as your training background. Often times when you feel a knot in your back, it is caused by fascia that is tense and tight. Decreased risk of back pain Decreased risk of injury Improved athletic performance. (2000) Aging: Its Effects on Strength, Power, Flexibility, and Bone Density. We’ve also created an in-depth guide on how to take full advantage of flexibility in your sport. Don’t perform long passive exercises before exercising or right after heavy weight training. pp. This means that women may experience fewer adverse effects of aging than men do. You see, your strength, power, speed and even your endurance require a sufficient range of motion to perform in the best way possible. Often times the best flexibility training programs combine both resistance training and different stretching methods for the best results. In fact, if you consider a muscle a rubber band (stretch-shortening cycle), added flexibility could even have a negative effect on elasticity and therefore, your power production. For example, you might be very flexible in the hamstrings, allowing you to bend over and touch your toes. Although partial ranges of motion can be used in workouts to build … Adrian, M.J. (1981) Flexibility in the aging adult. This is especially important during physical activity due to the forces that you face throughout your performance. Let’s define them. (2004) Effects of aging on muscle fibre type and size. The popular belief that stretching and flexibility are synonymous is based on the false belief that we are composed of muscles, bones and a nervous system. So, whether you are doing strength training or trying to improve your endurance, you should always remember to work the whole range of the muscle to prevent it from becoming stiff in the first place. Champaign, IL. Small, K., McNaughton, L. & Matthews, M. (2008) A systematic review into the efficacy of static stretching as part of a warm-up for the prevention of exercise-related injury. Fowles, J.R., Sale, D.G. Many people who work in an office all day develop inflexible hips as a result of sitting all day. For an athlete, these effects can reduce your performance, hinder your progress and even lead to long rehabilitation periods due to injuries – and that’s not what any of us want. When you hear the word flexibility, you probably think of a contortionist or gymnast, but the technical definition is being able to move your joints through their whole range of motion. Dynamic flexibility, also known as kinetic flexibility, describes your ability to move freely through a limb’s or joint’s full range of motion with muscle work. b) Dynamic flexibility is vitally important in those high velocity movement sports such as sprinting, kicking and gymnastics. Naturally, this has a very detrimental effect on both your overall health as well as your athletic performance. Journal of Gerontology. 2nd edition. This, of course, means that women are naturally predisposed to better mobility and therefore thrive in sports that require flexibility and a greater range of motion. (2001) Venyttely - Osa optimaalista harjoittelua. Champaign, IL. Strength and Conditioning Journal. 1759-1767. Flexibility and good range of motion and good posture are often connected to reduced risk of injury. 416-448. On the other hand, joints with minimal movement, such as the spine, rely on being both flexible and stable at the same time. Sports Medicine. 26-28. (1992) Biological and performance variables in relation to age in male and female adolescent athletes. Your flexibility is at its peak during the early childhood years. 289-299. (2003) Developmental physical education for all children. Aesthetic sports such as dancing, gymnastics, figure skating and diving rely heavily on the athletes ability to be flexible and look stylish while performing. In short, increased flexibility helps maintain the natural mobility of a joint which can enhance your performance through better strength production and improved mechanics. Sports injuries related to flexibility, posture, acceleration, clinical defects, and previous injury, in high-level players of body contact sports. Have clear goals in your mind, be versatile in your training and enjoy the ride. 65-77. (1983) Age changes in body composition revealed by computed tomography. One of the best example of this sort of practice is Yoga. Flexibility and balance training also can boost sports performance and make accomplishing everyday tasks easier. You can look at stretching in two different ways; the way you perform them or by the effect you want them to have on your body. There are three phases of flexibility training: Corrective, Active and Functional. We use youtube service to enable video content streaming on this site. 213-224. For example, who do you think will be the better soccer player: the person who can kick head-height, or the one who can kick hip-height? This list is based on an analysis of 60 sports by an expert team at ESPN. The BMJ. Other articles where Specificity is discussed: exercise: Specificity: The principle of specificity derives from the observation that the adaptation of the body or change in physical fitness is specific to the type of training undertaken. Journal of Aging Research. Volume 34, Issue (12), pp. internal oblique. On top of that, degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis (reduced bone density) and arthritis become more and more common as you age which can significantly hinder your overall health. Volume 20, Issue (3), pp. Use the whole range of motion of a muscle to prevent it from becoming stiff.

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