distortion geography in a sentence

Cardinal directions are probably the most important directions in geography: north, south, east and west. 2. See more. map distortion in a sentence - Use "map distortion" in a sentence 1. 100 examples: There is vast amount of ' popular ' wine literature, which prefaces its… "In cartography, a distortion is the misrepresentation of the area or shape of a feature. © Teachers’ Curriculum Institute The Tools of Geography 6 r e a d i n G n o T e s 1 7 Earth and the Sun Label the map. Although they can represent size, shape, distance and directions of the Earth features with reasonable accuracy, globes are not practical or suitable for many applications. It is an organisation, not a continent or country. AveRaComp gives a simple form ( via five-point cells, without differential calculus ) to represent map distortions. This pap 3. Constraints set by different map projections, or by map borders, can be overcome by the computer. The Mercator projection, for example, distorts Greenland because of its high latitude, in the sense that its shape and size are not the same as those on a globe." distortion definition: 1. a change to the intended or true meaning of something: 2. a change to the original or natural…. Distort definition: If you distort a statement , fact, or idea , you report or represent it in an untrue way. It is also modeled more accurately as an oblate spheroid or an ellipsoid.A globe is a scaled down model of the Earth. The cards that send the signals often introduce their own distortions. Examples of geography in a sentence, how to use it. distortion in a sentence - Use "distortion" in a sentence 1. (A distortion is an alteration, faulty image, or inaccurate representation. If we live in New York, we have to travel west to get to California. 2. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Magnetically shielded, the speakers won't produce monitor distortion. Map projection is the basis of cartography. Elastic deformation definition, the temporary change in length, volume, or shape produced in an elastic substance by a stress that is less than the elastic limit of the substance. Map Projections - types and distortion patterns. These directions help us orient ourselves wherever we are. )"Distortion of facts is an example of unethical journalism. Learn more. The images were re-projected into an orthographic map projection. The shape of the Earth is represented as a sphere. It does not mean anything in geography as such. 2. 24 sentence examples: 1. For example, in the United States, San Francisco, California, is west of New York City, New York. In 1958 the Soviet Union launched the Soviet Map Distortion Policy which resulted in the thinning and distortion of detail in all unclassified maps. 4.

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