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Who are your users going to be judging your product against? You know what they want and that your product fills that need. Asking questions like the size of their company, buying cycle, pain points, and more is a good place to start (Or, check out this ideal customer template for more in-depth questions). Launch day isn’t just about marketing. You don’t want to overload your user base, but a personalized message sharing a big achievement like this is a great way to boost shares. A better approach is to stick to a proven, structured, scientific process that has proven to get results. But the results show that this company has more WOM promotion than most new companies. Here’s Amazon’s template, which is a great place to start: With your press release template in hand, create a spreadsheet with target publications and blogs you want to reach out to. No matter how good of a shot you are, you’ll have a better chance of hitting the target if you can see where you’re aiming. But as we said before, launching is a team sport. Host a webinar, AMA, or other event to get people involved, 17. You’ll use this information to tailor each press outreach message to the individual writer. This is done by using the following: Like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) can be corrupted when you get negative feedback from users who are not meant to test the first version of your product or feature. Even the most successful online stores need to fine-tune and optimize each product launch, to determine the long-term success of not only the product but the brand itself. A product launch plan is a documented summary of ideas, activities, and processes a company uses to release its product in the market. For most people, this process would be a turnoff. At Amazon, they believe so much in the power of writing a strong press release that every product needs one before it’s even built! Not only that, but you need to let them know about it, get them interested and invested, and do everything you can to make it a no-brainer decision for them to buy when you do finally launch. If you’re offering discounts or special offers, you can’t drop the ball on them. But they don’t have to be hard. I couldn’t find anything comprehensive on the internet about how best to launch your digital “thing,” so I … Denille O'Regan. If you’re launching a consumer product like Lululemon, ask similar questions: If you’re selling a B2B product, you’ll want to focus more on their business and the issues they face. Who are your partners or complementary companies you can connect with? Instead, pick one platform for your anchor announcement. You can think of it as third base for your product launch. Think of WOM as a loop that looks something like this: New users sign up to use a product, they use the product and realize that it exceeds their expectations in comparison to other alternatives, and in turn tell other people about it. The perfect product launch strategy includes ten critical steps your company should take, from defining your audience, to delivering a superb customer experience. Are they using it as you intended? Brian shared a quote from the founders of TBH, a social quiz app for teens that was acquired by Facebook, that briefly explains how they were able to do this: “It's critical to design a process that allows you to launch vastly different product experiences within specific communities so your product can reach critical mass.”. It was launched over two years ago but isn't publicly available yet. He contributes to Inc., Fast Company, Quartz, and more. So if you can show you’re building excitement and gaining users, it can help your cause. All too often, product launch strategies show the same promotional material to the entire audience and expect users to want to share it. In other words, it’s time to shift from the what to the why of your product launch. How to plan a new product launch: A sample launch plan The first time you launch a new product — especially if you’ve never done it before — the process might feel overwhelming and confusing. We already spoke about creating your press release and a spreadsheet for who to target at each publication. You can also take advantage of major milestones during your launch to reach out to existing users and influencers. While Apple’s reputation and sometimes-rabid fanbase obviously plays a large part in the success of their launches, there are also a number of strategies virtually any company can employ to make their own product launch a huge success: 1. This approach fails because of one of the four reasons typical launches don't work. Users have only so much attention to give your product. Even launching the same product in two different regions can be completely different. Highly secure firewalls.SSL encryption.Daily backups. And having a reliable and well thought out launch plan and schedule will help you organize everything that needs to be done across the varied teams that are working on it. Which is why it’s so important to identify them early on. Not only that, but are all the potential paths of product launch promotion in play? Pre-launch: Deciding what to launch and how you’ll get there, 1. The end goal is a strategy doc that covers everything needed to get this product out the door, and lets everyone involved in the project know: Detailed, early-stage planning like this lets you see how everything will work together and gives you time to see if you’ve missed anything big. And if you’re looking for inspiration, no one did why better than the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs. Based on Brian's experience, his validation process looked like this: After joining the waitlist, there was an initial survey to gauge basic demographics. This requires narrowing down your target audience within your user base as much as possible. We’d love to tell you more. This includes information you gather from sales and support conversations if you're launching a feature within an existing product. A lot of these announcements can be pre-written or follow the narrative you developed during the pre-launch phase. No matter how much testing you did before your launch you’re inevitably going to end up with a few unresolved issues. A product launch plan consists of strategies and procedures a company may use to … A product launch plan is usually a timeline-based roadmap that clearly communicates the deliverables in relation to time. With most of the heavy lifting done, there are just a few things you need to do to keep the momentum going and squeeze the last bits of success out of this monumental effort. To find your audience, gather information from the following sources: This gives you access to “passive data,” so when users sign up, you can use their email addresses to learn more about your audience. A good product launch doc is more than just to-do lists. It considers all the tasks, their timeframe, and their dependencies. For example, their company, its size, their role, and the location. This was followed by a manual follow-up email meant to clarify one of the answers from the survey. With launch day behind you, the first big question is: How did you do? But you have to let them speak their mind. In other words, customers need to see you, hear from you, and read about you multiple times before they say yes. Did you hit the number of sales/sign ups/subscribers you were aiming for? Today, a “launch” is no longer the defining moment of your product. Product managers also manage or coordinate the contributions of a cross-functional product team and often benefit from assistance of trusted project managers on those teams as well. Put the Focus on the People, Not the Product. Product launch plan & strategy guide Use our downloadable, fill-in-the-blank checklist to outline and track your progress throughout each stage of the launch process. For most companies, product and feature launches are always top of mind because of the potential to attract and retain more users. The big day arrives. Brian explains “It's easy to think that we can work backwards to try to find that diamond in the rough. This product launch plan example is organized by the type of initiative. If not, think about running remarketing ads on Facebook and Google to stay top of mind. Keep in touch by following us on Twitter, Google and on Facebook. It also includes the reviewing, testing and partial implementation of the product to its maximum limits. They start before your product is even live and end only when the next one comes around. You’ll do a lot of work just to get customers there, but once they are, you have the best chance of bringing them home. Traditional press conferences have been replaced by new formats and experiences: social media platforms, influencers and other multimedia channels which spread images rapidly and amplify the impact of every collection or product. How to Use OKRs for Planning (and Achieving) Your Goals, 5 Key Goal Setting Exercises for High-Performing Engineering Teams (from Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, and more), 5 Steps to Planning and Running Fast, Efficient Meetings (Including Agendas and Templates for 4 Common Meetings), Create a custom workflow for recurring tasks, Use Planio's Git repositories with Eclipse, Using the Redmine REST API with OAuth2 at Planio, Store Website Chat Logs from Userlike in Planio Help Desk, You get to know them, their specific needs, and why they chose you in the first place (which you’ll use for writing customer personas), You get candid answers about the features they use (which can help validate your product and give insights on new features), You get to hear how they talk and the language they use (which is gold for your marketing pages). Use a tool like Planio to track your progress and guide your team from pre-launch to the after party. Offering different versions of your product at different price points can attract and retain customers with any budget. (Spoiler alert: they don’t.). Dependencies are especially important as you’re coordinating cross-functional teams who might not be used to working together. One place to start is with a list of your competitors and a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). New Product Launch Go To Marketing Plan and Strategy PowerPoint (PPT) Template For Presentations. Can you figure out why? So don’t forget about them. If you’re launching a consumer product, or something more visual, another option is to build a following on Instagram or Pinterest. Your setup shows the customer where they are now. Family, friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, etc…. Is your product on track to launch on the deadline? Each product launch strategy should be customized according to these factors. Each persona has specific characteristics like age, annual income, interests, and even relationship status. It might be a game show, local league or carnival, or any event that you know will involve a lot of crowd. Research each one and find relevant reporters or editors who are more likely to write about you. A product launch marketing plan must be done in a way that it focuses not only on the launch event itself but also on the product that the organization would like their audience to know about. This offers good friction and helps you find your target audience. The only way you can ensure your launch is a success is by knowing for certain the product you’re making is valuable to the people you want to buy it. While some companies are guilty of drafting a press release, crossing their fingers, and hoping that the users will come, there's actually much more to it than that. Keep momentum and follow up with customers who “weren’t quite ready”, 24. Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, the software for helping subscription companies with their monetization and retention strategies, as well as providing free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over 20,000 companies. Views and conversions from blog posts: What messaging or platforms worked best for telling your story? Brian encourages to “Expose your product or feature to more users progressively over time as more value is added to the product... For example, tightly control the WOM loop and validation until the point where you hit a tipping point and can launch to everyone without worrying about killing WOM loop and slowing down validation process with too much friction.”.

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