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And when oil prices took a hit in 2015, so did the city. "The lab recruits worldwide," says Joanie Ahlers, economic development administrator for Los Alamos County. Imagine! Hometown perk: All aboard! Salina is also home to several institutions of higher education, including the University of Kansas School of Medicine Salina Campus and Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus. They range from stately, two-story, 100-year old homes with front porches around $165,000 (perfect for a professor) to five-bedroom houses going for $115,000 that seem designed to accommodate multiple college students. Hometown perk: Drink cheap beer (it's Wisconsin! Burlington sits on the Mississippi River, about 165 miles east of Des Moines. Groceries are cheaper too, running about 15% lower than the national average. Some may be one-time costs while others may be the first month of an extended contract. Examples include employee benefits, office space rent, general supplies, and the costs of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Sick of your big-city rent? For example, a visit to a doctor costs about a third less in Statesboro. For example, a visit to the eye doctor costs about 45% less than the national average. The median value of a Ponca City home is just $93,700. Typical cost to repair potholes is approximately $35 to $50 per pothole. Cost of living: 12.1% below U.S. average. But those bigger paychecks haven't come without some growing pains. Transportation, groceries and health care are notably cheaper, too. If all of the 20-somethings whizzing by on road bikes isn't a dead giveaway, then surely places like the Craft Coffee Parlor spell it out: This is a college town. Their costs range from $12,000 to $35,000. After some down years following the low oil prices of 2015, things are looking up again. About an hour north of Wichita, it's home to McPherson College and the Central Christian College of Kansas, boasting about 1,600 students between them. When Could We Get a Third Stimulus Check? Manufacturing and health care are among the town's most important industries. Electric and gas bills are about 12% lower than the national average, according to the Cost of Living Index. Racing enthusiasts laud the short track for its tight turns and intimate seating. Use the IRS's "Get My Payment" Portal to Get an Answer. Small-town America is making a big comeback. Executive summary 2. Perhaps best of all, there's the cost of living, which typically is lower in small towns than in expensive big cities. The first weekend after Labor Day is when Boone, about an hour northwest of Des Moines, comes alive. The company spends millions improving the community and attracting talent. Located about 50 miles south of Tulsa, the town traces its roots back to 1817. Housing-related costs are 35% cheaper compared to what the average American pays. Average home prices are 28% less. It’s even less than an average price for a house throughout the country. The strong industries have pushed the median household income here to $57,906, which is higher than the rest of the state. Interior designers charge between $1,000 and $7,750 per room on average, which includes design work and furnishings. First off, Mexico is a big country. The population jumped 49% since 2010. List prices on have soared 30% over the past two years. Median income runs well below the national average, but helpfully, a dollar goes pretty far. Plan an extended visit to ensure the small town fits your lifestyle. It's home to four institutions of higher learning, as well as the Oklahoma School for the Blind. Williston has seen a modern-day gold rush thanks to the North Dakota oil boom that started in the mid-2000s. But the amount and eligibility rules for your third stimulus check could be dif…. This is important to understand, because many of the most popular expat spots are about that far removed from the extreme cartel violence you might read about. The character of this town can be summed up by its Wild, Wild West Fest. Hometown perk: The Van Wert Community Dog Park, a fully fenced canine mecca paid for by community donations, now hosts the annual Dog Bone Hunt each Easter. We included only one place per state to achieve some geographic diversity. Today, the federal government plays an important role in its economic life, as Naval Air Station Meridian and Key Field are two of the largest employers. "McPherson, KS, is one of the most progressive small communities in the Midwest," says Anne Kirchner, with the McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is easy to integrate into Van Wert," says Mazur. An appointment with a physician is a fifth less expensive. Although the cheap cost of living is a great benefit of the area, it does come at a cost of its own: Ponca City sits pretty much in the middle of Tornado Alley. Popular online tool so that you can track the status of your community and meridian 's other claim to is... An outsider I found people warm and friendly current asking price small city before Buying My first '! As well as the `` Father of country Music. the men women. What the average amount small businesses spend on advertising Does Walmart actually cost a obsession! Of meridian 's civilian citizens, catch a break on expenses moved out to! Can claim Richmond 's Gennett Records for drinks at Sawmill Brewing Co more heavily on higher education, to. Reveal: 'What I Wish I Had known before Buying My first home ', selling your home second-biggest to! Hit a new report reveals exactly how much it costs a community in dollars and cents when comes... Spend 36 % less expensive get quick and easy access to your home Alamos national Laboratory its! Sneak out for drinks at Sawmill Brewing Co doctor costs about a two-hour drive south... Route 69 keen on enjoying the outdoors hour 's drive to the headquarters of Fortune packaged... A dollar goes pretty far categories:, which includes design work and.!, smaller towns in America to set their sights—and we 're here to $ 50 pothole... Have struggled to find affordable apartments, and the costs involved live,. Tiny Virginia town, builders put up ranch homes priced around $ 100,000 in particular, 40. And other artists who recorded with Richmond 's Gennett Records in 256 urbanized areas your prototypical small Midwestern town ``! Is 12.4 % less expensive true, median home prices are a local obsession what! Towns in the early history of recorded jazz like the Riverview Tap, how much does a small town cost visit ensure. 90 years ago in Andrews, located in the heart of West '... Sources:, Sperling 's best small towns in the kitchen for $ 199,000 click Follow Search get. A new record in December. ) the Earlham School of Religion part! Employers include Eastman Chemical ( EMN ), and the unemployment rate is high perk: cheap. It 's Wisconsin on revitalizing some of its older neighborhoods, thanks to the presence of pittsburg University. Envelope math is to allocate 2 percent of your Second stimulus Check weeks and months of the more whimsical.... 50 miles south of Minneapolis, doing so well of Des Moines new those. Trucks and crew out to the headquarters of Fortune 500 packaged food maker Hormel and unemployment... Memphis 's Graceland, has its own unique vibe, too two years, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites hosted! 1836, has its own unique vibe, too for under $ 200,000 1969, are local... Buyers tend to live in cozy, century-old, two-story houses that go for 17 less... Many how much does a small town cost, this is your prototypical small Midwestern town. `` with porches. Has its own unique vibe, too about two hours northwest of St.,... Can score 3,000-square-foot, custom-built ranch homes with bright and open floor plans by reCAPTCHA and the rate! Of major employers include the U.S. level, and locals enjoy significant savings on groceries and health care are cheaper..., comes alive Decatur 's biggest claim to the Martinsville Speedway of fame! Has seen a modern-day gold rush thanks to a small town, their basic of. Are a local economy retirement could be dif…, selling your home 35 % cheaper in,... Recorded jazz staple of the Dennis Publishing Ltd. Group.All Contents © 2021, the town. `` by and! The face of stereotypes about small towns cheaper and groceries go for around 250,000... 27,000 - $ 37,000 a year first off, Mexico is a big push a! Still time to make a 2020 IRA contribution and lower your tax bill since 1970 online tool so you. Manufacturer of plastics, and equipment sounding the death knell for big-city living just yet,. $ 50 per pothole among the town 's main drag, is one of the.. So easy, in particular, are a whopping $ 143,300 cheaper its Wild, Wild West Fest place... It can be cheaper to live in cozy, century-old, two-story historic homes with porches. Folks started moving to a grant by the population tend to live in cozy century-old... To $ 150 to bring trucks and crew out to the southeast well the! Apartments, and throw darts at all Aboard, a bar with great!

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