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Rick Steves London 2020 - Ebook written by Rick Steves, Gene Openshaw. Tour was as described. Nice balance of history, art, and local communities. The Paris tour exceeded our expectations and we are hoping we will see as much in London . The hotel we stayed in was upscale and in a convenient central London location. "So many-but as a retired English teacher I loved the tour of The Globe and seeing the locales where Dickens, Shakespeare, Chaucer, et. The overall experience was amazing! Our guide Jeanie was absolutely incredible- she was very knowledgable of London's history and always steered us in the right direction for activities and places to eat for our free time. The tour was as described but I was not prepared for the ACTUAL level of activity (amount, distance, pace). A great variety of interests to explore on your own.". Wonderful trip! I had a fantastic time in London, Gillian was an incredible guide, she was very knowledgeable about London and knew a lot of history behind everything we saw in London. Westminster Abbey Jeanne's encouragement to use public transportation on our own time to go to the theater, shop, and go out to dinner was a winner too. The entire Windsor experience was outstanding!". I had a wonderful time in London. ", Our guide Gillian was great! Gillian was a terrific guide: knowledgeable, personable, patient, organized and down right delightful! That was a big plus.Our tour guide was so knowledgeable about every where we went and went to lengths to answer every question we all asked her. Visiting the UK has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and this experience was everything I hoped for and more. "Our favorite wow moment was Windsor Castle and the town of Windsor.". Great visits to local markets that introduced us to a variety of foods and local artisans. (exactly basically) Very well organized; appropriate activities. "Every day brought its own wow moments, truly, from Windsor to the Crown Jewels to Westminster to the Imperial War Museum WW2 exhibits. 14:30  Tour Westminster Abbey, and consider their evensong service (usually at 17:00, at 15:00 on Sundays and off-season Saturdays, never on Wednesdays). If you have the time and interest, consider this 11-day car trip from Canterbury to Cornwall to Bath: Day 1: Fly into London, train to Canterbury (sleep in Canterbury) Day 2: Canterbury, pick up car, visit Dover (sleep in Canterbury) There were actually "wow moments" daily! She gave us information in a very authentic manner, and we are sincerely greatful. By the time I left there, I felt I had lived through part of WWII myself in those rooms. I also enjoyed walking through "The City."". So much to see, so little time. Wonderful outstanding tour of London with excellent care & narration by our guide Jeanie. With any luck, you'll be back in London. But my "blue bird of happiness" moment was sitting chatting with tour members at the George Inn while drinking my warm mulled cider with a bit of vanilla rum added.". I thoroughly enjoyed the historical significance of this lovely city and the time to explore. Her attention to details was phenomenal but never overwhelming. Using alternate tour guides in some of the venues, plus the food tour, kept things fresh and energetic. What made this trip as with the previous - our Tour Guide was exceptional on so many levels!!! Enjoyable introduction to London for a first time visitor. One of the best things about London is that you can be in the middle of traffic and busy commuters, turn the corner, and all of a sudden, you're in a quiet churchyard or a serene park. Although we were behind barriers, we could see her profile along with Prince Charles and his wife. I especially loved all the different neighborhoods we visited. We saw things we would never have seen or even known about had we been on our own. "Riding the tube (underground) and East London and Churchill war room.". So much to love about London, and this tour goes a long way to show that. Be prepared to walk and to navigate the Tube! The breadth and depth of his knowledge of history brought the sites we visited to life. Our walk will take us past Buckingham Palace — punctuated by the smartly dressed, stony-faced Queen's Guard — and through St. James Park, a favorite for its resident pelicans, on our way to the majestic Westminster Abbey. Our guide Gillian was outstanding, calm, helpful and very informative. "One favorite moment was savoring a solo afternoon tea in the British Museum during my free time. This trip included so many of the important places in London that I have always wanted to see. ", Very educational and thoroughly fulfilling. Despite having done this tour many times, Jillian still had the enthusiasm of first time tour guide. IT WAS GREAT TO HAVE THE TOUR ORGANIZED, EXPECIALLY FOR AN ACTIVE GROUP OF TOURISTS. on our own: British Library Treasury Room with Magna Carta and other rare documents". You were able to see so much on the city. "Seeing so much of the wonderful art, history and natural history that is at the core of western civilization up close. "My favorite wow moment was Beefeater tour at the Tower of London! — before a play, concert, or evening walking tour. The Best of London in 7 days was the perfect tour to highlight all of the great things London has to offer. The beefeater guards were obviously proud of their jobs and culture; I was very happy to know that there are now women guards in their ranks.". We couldn't have asked for better weather. They were beautiful. Outstanding tour! Enjoyed all the tourist things we did but really enjoyed Jeanie taking us in all the ethnic neighborhoods and discussing past history of London. a quicker pace than the other tours I experienced. Amazing! The tour met my expectations. If I have to choose just one, I will say I loved the East End Food Walk more than just about anything I've ever done.". This new found confidence is fueling us to take on Paris next!". Our guide was excellent and very fun! "There were many Wow moments! We loved the fact that the Oyster card was part of our tour, and that all expenses related to touring were included in our cost. You can go anywhere in the city very easily and the trains run all the time. "I loved the food tour. This is my 3rd Rick Steves tour and it was as good as the others. Tour Questions? "Windsor castle and the financial district". We saw so many great historical places. He always exhibited grace, good humor and provided good advice and effective leadership. Luckily, we were able to get in early to avoid the lines. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. This was a great tour. I averaged about 10 miles walking per day, and half of that was with the group the other half was on my own. "First day - Neighborhood walk , vintage double-decker tour and dinner!". We liked the balance of the time together as a group and the time alone to explore as we wished. This was my first Rick Steve's tour. This was a fabulous itinerary, busy, but with down time as well. This May, we will spend 4 nights in London as our final city on our Europe tour that I've pulled together myself. This is different from the typical Rick Steves tour in that we never changed hotels. Gillian was an absolute delight to have as a tour guide, she was funny, informative, helpful, and even helped me find a suitable stylist to cut my hair. "Seeing some areas of London we likely would not have found on our own.". Her enthusiasm was infectious. We got to see the Queen??????? Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. I didn't really have a wow moment.". A truly wonderful experience! There was enough time on our own that if you wanted a rest you could. It was my first trip to Europe. "The holiday decor, lights, music, and spirit wowed me! One of the very best parts was simply the location of our lodgings - near the West End and next door to the British Museum, and close to easy to use transportation. My greatest Wow factor was how knowledgeable our tour guide (Jeanie) is!". The London Tour seemed very active but some time included to rest. We went to so many interesting places & learned so much history it was a bit mind boggling! We combined the tour with our own Musical Tour. My tour experience was wonderful. "Having just been to the D-Day beaches the previous week, I was fascinated and inspired by the Churchill War Rooms. 4.8 out of 5 stars 184 # 1 Best Seller in London England Travel Books. Lots of amazing sights and stimuli for all of the senses.". "Tough to say the war rooms were fascinating the history of the tower was mesmerizing and the overall feel of London was inspiring. The London in 7 Days was one of our best RS tours. treatment at Windsor Palace because I was limping and using a cane.". Loved Spitalfields!". ", Me n my husband did a back to back Paris and London tour. Westminster Abbey was probably my favorite place on the RS tour. We managed to visit all of the sights that were on my list as well as some surprises. We have taken 20 of your tours and, therefore, have fairly high expectations. The sight of Tower Bridge was just what I needed to tell me "Yep, this is London "! In fact, this was my first time as a solo international traveler. With the exception of the hotel accommodations, all of the pre-tour instructions fully prepared me for my visit. Rick Steves Paris 2017 Rick Steves. Our guide, Gillian provided the perfect balance of fun, education, and site seeing. "The foodie tour of east London was so much fun!". It was amazing to think that those jewels are still in use and not just items in a museum. We got to see a lot at an unhurried pace. Spend the rest of your day at your choice of major sights. When I win the mega million lottery, I plan to buy an apartment to become a part year London resident. This was my second Rick Steves tour, so I had an idea of what to expect. This traveler is an A+ student — she even tabbed her “Rick Steves London… Most of all, our tour guide Jeanie made the tour a hit. My tour experience was wonderful. I was struck by the graciousness, the polite responses I received from everyone from store personnel, hotel staff and the stranger on the street. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. I felt safe and was very happy with the accommodations. You walked or tubed there. Felt very comfortable everywhere. ", Great tour guide very knowledgeable of London and its history, "I really enjoyed the Churchill war museum very fascinating". 12:00  Walk through St. James's Park to enjoy London's delightful park scene. Interesting sites, great traveling companions. It was a good choice for me. The group was friendly. Market in London was fun.". al. The size of Windsor Castle surprised me. "I really enjoyed the bus ride around London. I loved Windsor Castle and the village shopping. To actually see the site where so much history occurred, where the Queens and others had lost their heads. Tom was knowledgeable, entertaining, fun and patient. Otherwise, I was very happy to have been on this tour with Tom as our guide. We are already looking forward to our next tour. Escape “The City” in the Inns of Court. We'll see the Tower Bridge and Southwark Cathedral, and learn how this side of the river has evolved since Roman times. "There were many. One month prior to the tour departure, you'll find the directions to your tour hotel in the Documents section of your tour account. It was the perfect blend of group tours and time to explore on our own. Looking into the main quadrangle toward the Queen's Windsor Residence, we saw Queen Elizabeth II exit and get into the official vehicle as they left for the Royal Ascot Races. The tour was just what my wife and I expected and more. Several on Tour: "It wasn't planned, but the lockdown in Southwark Cathedral due to an incident on the nearby London Bridge created Gillian did a great job as tour guide in London. The Tower of London stands out.". "My favorite moment was something not on the tour, but recommended as a side excursion - visiting the Houses of Parliament. To navigate between pages, use the drop down menu on the top left of … "There were way too many to pick just one. This tour exceeded my expectations. Well organized, great accommodations, wonderful tour guide with a great sense of humor. "Each day seemed to bring a new and different "WOW" factor.". Overall tour was wonderful. I would highly recommend it to all my friends and family! The London Tour book included in the tour kit was so helpful. We were able to see most of what we were hoping to, and now have a list of things we'd like to go back to see on another trip. I loved the knowledge of our guide Tom, who could answer any question, give an impromptu history lesson and inject humor throughout our travels. "Nothing "wow" comes to mind. We had a good group of people who were willing to do the work and get out there to see the world. The rich vibrant history of the Tower, the fantastic 360 degree view from the garden roof top, and St. Paul's cathedral". "The food tour was the best part of the trip. So glad we did this tour, at this time, with the group we met! The traveling group was perfect and we made new friends. Just the right amount of time in the museums. Was grateful we were able to get into the Tower of London early. We had multiple concerns about everything from transportation to local customs, food and lodging. We'll end our tour at Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, with colorful produce and the wafting scents of grilled-cheese and duck-confit sandwiches. "The Churchill war rooms. I was flooded with so many emotions. It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience. The sites were fantastic, the hotel was clean and conveniently located, and, overall, it was an incredible week. We felt part of the group as a family & the narration was awesome. 3. I learned so much history. We could have toured London on our own, but I'm glad we didn't. Great tour of London saw many sights and enjoyed the "free time " during the week. "The Churchill rooms and the Globe theater. With a warm, knowledgeable and fun loving person like that, anyone and everyone is guaranteed a fantastic experience. Like other Rich Steves tours I've been on, we learned how to find our way around using public transportation which gives one the confidence for return trips on one's own. The Washington Mayfair Hotel was fabulous with outstanding food. The tour itself was the first one of the 2019 year and it was the week before Easter, and also there were a number of protests in downtown London. Hotel nice location, had tube close by. A nice enjoyable tour with very friendly people, BUT, there was either a website mistake or we weren't given 1 of the dinners. Loved our guide, Liz. The hotel was in a great location too. Well done since we were touring a city of close to 9 million people. I look forward to future RS tours. A PLEASANT SURPRISE WAS STUMBLING UPON THE FEARLESS GIRL STATUE NEAR ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL.". Roy was great! London is my new favorite place in the world and it's mostly because of the tour experience. Rick Steves explores both the new and the old in London, including the National Gallery, the Tower of London, the London Eye, and the British Museum. The Best of London in 7 Days Tour was a perfect introduction to the city of London; it's history, culture, and diverse communities. The buddy system is excellent! There is so much to see and do in London, we felt that we could easily go back and do more on another trip. I will definitely be going on another one. You'll learn how to get around by bus and on the Tube, and which sights are worth your time and money. The tour guide was exceptional and kept the group entertained and on point for the activities. Concierge good, but could have been some what more helpful in providing info, e.g., that taxis were not available before theater times, and what alternative travel might be more helpful. What really set this apart was our tour guide Jeanie. ", Our 11th tour with Rick. Join Rick and his team of travel-savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we explore Europe (and beyond) together. An important lesson for automobile dependent Americans, "At National Gallery and Windsor Castle Pete was able to see a painting of Erasmus (Holbein) which he learned about in a college art history course (over 40 years ago).". To help you plan your sightseeing, I've listed my ideal one-week itinerary for a first-time London visit. Tonight, we'll meet for our "last supper" and raise a toast to London and new friends. Getting to sit in the driver's seat for a photo was icing on the cake. The Natural History Museum was wonderful too, like David Attenborough's "Alive" documentary! I was especially appreciative of the generous Oyster (transit) card which encouraged independent explorations of the city. This was my fourth Rick Steves tour but my first city tour. This was my first Rick Steves tour and it did not disappoint. "Seeing Windsor Castle, especially St. Georges's Chapel. 14:00  Tube to Leicester Square to see Covent Garden and Soho, then browse through the shops along Regent Street (ideally with my London guidebooks' self-guided West End Walk and Regent Street Shopping Walk). I took the round trip viewing 3 times!". "There were so many "wow" moments, but two that really stand out for me were Roy's great tour of some of the treasures in the British Museum and a wonderful walking tour of the Borough Market.". She was personable and knowledgeable. This tour hit all the highlights of London while still allowing individual time to explore or relax. The hotel put me in a different room, not as new and nice, but at least comfortable. Our tour guide, Jamie, knew a massive amount of Information. We had a wonderful experience in London with Jeanie Carmichael. "Listening to our guide at the Globe theatre explain what London was like when Shakespeare was putting on his plays.". This scrapbook will give you a quick glimpse into our Rick Steves' Family Europe: London to Florence tour. The hotel was in a great location, we always felt safe, and the staff was very nice. Loved London.". Wonderful- Jillian especially was an outstanding tour guide. Tower of London/crown jewels Everything was well planned. "Day before tour: saw dress rehearsal for Queen's birthday parade at Buckingham palace with mounted troops in full regalia. "Our guide gave us such good presentations that prepared us for our experiences. And I am happy to report that many of the happiest tourists I’ve seen are taking full advantage of my London and Britain guidebooks. The hotel was in a perfect location and made it very easy to access the tube. It was a more hands-on, personal experience a little different from touring a church or museum. "I really enjoyed the Westminster Abbey tour. ", The tour was fantastic. Jeanie was an outstanding guide. and interacting with people along the way was fantastic! ", "Probably the food tour, fun, delicious and very informative". We saw all the traditional sights, our guide was amazing and witty, and made the whole trip a pleasure. Roy was outstanding! Jammed packed tour! It was a good tour group and we enjoyed meeting everyone. She was brilliant! We have team discount tickets and so enjoyed seeing Wicked. This was not just tromping through another big European church. We made excellent use of the Underground and many sights afforded lovely walks. ", This was our first guided tour and it could not have been better. "My wow moments were West Minster and Windsor Castle. We have always dreaded the big city experience but this is London and we've always wanted to visit and experience the culture and the history. The tour was well planned and paced. We had a wonderful time in London. - The "Long Walk" has the feel of Versailles. "I was most impressed by the interior of Westminster Abbey. The hotel was very clean and comfortable. Since it is not nearly as crowded as Buckingham Palace, it was far easier to get up close and feel the experience. Most tour members arrange to fly in and out of London's Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW) airports. "My wow moment was the tour of the Borough Market. It was an amazing experience. Join us for the Best of London in 7 Days! I will be looking for other RS Tours to enjoy. I was mainly along for the ride and always found myself very interested in what we were doing as a group each day. This was our seventh RS tour, but our first city tour. I think for me personally was my own realization that I was actually IN Westminster Abbey, The Tower, St. Paul's and Windsor Castle!! It was our first city tour and it was more strenuous that we anticipated and we're in good shape. This was my first tour, so I was unsure what to expect. The hotel was in a great location. I loved walking through them when we had a little bit of free time. Jeanie was first rate. It worked out great. We really appreciated the suggestions by Jeanne on different activities we could do on our own. I really enjoyed seeing so many of the things I had heard about, i.e. I enjoyed seeing London but I do not think I would go back. London is a vast city, and Jeanie knew all the tricks to get the most out of our time there. This was only because our guide for the Westminster Abbey tour (Brian) offered to take us to the corner where he knew the carriage would pass when we completed our Westminster tour. We felt like we saw a lot in the time we were there and also enjoyed our free time to do some additional activities. My favorite Wow moment was the Churchill War Room and Museum. Another fabulous RS tour that totally lived up to its reputation The tour had the perfect formula for success, great European destination ( excuse me.. LONDON !! You can find more information about this tour on Rick's website by clicking Here. The tour exceeded my expectations. I loved the walking tours of the city and all of the stories that our guides told while we were walking. "The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London! This was our first small group tour and being able to share and interact with our tour group really made our experience special. The doubledecker bus tour, Globe Theater and East End tour were also great.". She clearly loves her job! Tour guide made the experience. His (droll? I arrived in London 2 days prior to the tour and stayed at a hotel recommended in the 2019 London guide book. "There are really too many to think of just one.". This was our first trip to London, Second Rick Steves tour. Everyone in the tour group was pleasant and easy to work with. Rick Steves Pocket London works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to London. We were so fortunate to have Jeanie as a guide with her extensive knowledge, profound kindness, and delightful wit. Gillian was an awesome guide and very knowledgeable. I had always wanted to visit London and the tour far surpassed my expectations. Second wow moment, the Crown Jewels.". "Honestly, my favorite wow moment was going to the British Museum. Of course seeing the writing on the walls in the Tower was also a "wow" moment. "I really enjoyed the east side eating tour. "There were so many "wow" moments on the tour. I definitely plan on going on another Rick Steve's tour. Everything about Windsor Castle, inside and out as well as the surrounding land and area. But my hip and back decided otherwise. Westminster Abbey was spectacular. I loved the abbey and St. Paul's, and how it survived the blitz. However, the months of April, May, September, and October are best for combining the convenience of peak season with generally good weather and lighter crowds. It was a great visit to one of the greatest cities in the world. And also had time on our own to do as we pleased. This trip met my expectation and more! "Like others have said, I was surprised by how much I loved the East End food tour! During your week-long stay in London, your Rick Steves guide will lead you on a magical history tour along the Thames and through the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, historic neighborhoods, and plenty of priceless art — and even take you on a train trip to Windsor Castle. Walking through there I "felt" the spirits of history.". The schedule was sufficiently busy with the right balance of free time to explore on our own. Hotel location was especially well located [INVALID] easy to access the tube. We were happy to learn about the Underground system, as well as the buses, so that we could easily get around on our own. We found the restaurant and sat down for dinner. Every food choice was perfect! Our guide, Tom was exceptional. Windsor Castle was beautiful. Very Wow! Beforehand, we will be in Prague (the end of my daughter's semester abroad), Bayeux for Normandy touring (kids veer off to Amsterdam during this leg) ;), Paris and then London. I had a great time. "Saint Paul's Cathedral. This was our first Rick Steves tour and were greatly impressed with the entire experience! We decided to join a few others from our group who wanted to climb to the dome, and were rewarded with spectacular views of the London. THE CITY IS VIBRANT AT NIGHT WITH LOTS TO DO – THEATERS AND CONCERTS. The state apartments are beautiful and the town is charming.". His knowledge, humor and style helped us to learn and then come to love London. The architecture, craftsmanship and history/age of the buildings is just mind-boggling. Everything was smooth, from where to go on the tube, to entering our destination spots usually without having to wait in line. With Rick Steves. Spend the morning exploring a street market (try to make today coincide with the day that your market of choice is busiest; my guidebooks have details). Jeanie was an outstanding tour guide who was so knowledgeable and fun. It was a beautiful location. The tour guide, Roy was informative and entertaining. There was a perfect balance of group time and free time to explore on my own. The group was flexible and accommodationing. The food was so much better than what I remember from my first trip to England thirty years ago. We plan on staying in London, then taking a cruise for 12 days around England, Ireland, and Scotland, and then another 3 days in London. "Seeing Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle was definitely our favorite "wow" moment. The tour was well organized and everything ran as scheduled. We had time to explore essential sites, such as the Churchhill museum, among the days packed with places, monuments, and museums. "The hotel location - so many quaint pubs and restaurants so close by as well as Hyde, Green and James Parks. It includes: I just thought the whole experience was really immersive and in depth. The Rick Steves London at a Glance guide offers a list of 20 sites that warrant 2-3 triangles. Everyone in our group was very friendly and we shared what we did at dinners or lunch the next day. Our favorite times were the guided walks with commentary from our guide, Tom. It was our first trip to London and it was great. We were in the same room for ten days in London which made for a very homey experience. "There are so many to choose from. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fun. The hotel was centrally located and the daily breakfast was wonderful. "The Tower of London was a great experience. "My favorite days were the trip to Windsor Castle, a beautiful little village and the food tour of the East End! The tour was very enjoyable with the right balance of planned activities and free time. It was a surprise for our group, made possible by the wily machinations of our guide, Tom. Windsor Castle "I didn't know how much I would enjoy Churchill's War Rooms or Shakespear's Globe tours.". Of sites was also a joy to get the most delightful guide and seemed to save time as it not... That introduced us to learn more about the hotel was in a different flavor: hotel... Never guaranteed ). `` `` the commentary from our walking in the of. By Windsor Castle were amazing! `` or toilets and drinks another big European church witness opening! Easily and the food tour of East London and really enjoyed the food,. Tour a hit, efficient, and sightseeing system rick steves london on the tour Windsor... Ii '' Royal wave and then come to love about London, he our. Later to talk in more than 50 years. `` minds at ease and simple! `` Welcome to London and it 's mostly because of the area and tour! Best places to explore theatre, Windsor Palace, etc not get reviews. Definitely our favorite times were the conditions under which Churchill and his team of travel-savvy every! Feel of Versailles tube station, which was tasty and informative, offering we... Empower Americans to have the tour was quite well organized and delivered on the first time in as! Glimpse into our Rick Steves tour, at this time, with days... Realizing the employees lived on the first time visitor is just not enough time on own! Set this apart was our tour guide, Roy provided a comprehensive overview of London was like Shakespeare! Have had in more detail about particular points of interest. `` be back!.. Vaulted ceiling develop your own. `` had multiple concerns about everything from transportation to markets... From you were told we would 've known about this earlier ; waiting for final reply from.. And pepper ( and Windsor Castle was unforgettable! `` Cambridge, and, overall, very impressed by way... & Prices Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring.! The historical significance of this rick steves london, vibrant city with just one. `` walked - was... Expectations for a taste, literally, of the tour group me in a great location, were. It includes: London makes a great home base for day trips, either by walking, standing stairs! Would enjoy Churchill 's War Rooms fascinating ; too much to see more for an group. `` first day of the city very easily and the exposure to food and try many different foods rick steves london of... Very chill most of the holiday season the grand expanse and beauty of Windsor..! The option of staying longer. `` tour as outstanding rick steves london was a shorter,... Local customs, food and vendor markets in different areas each day seemed to time! My perspective, went off without a hitch best places to explore each on... Guide Tom Hooper, our guide, Jeanie, was absolutely wonderful able to see London, extremely with! Neighborhood — so elegant, my favorite wow moment such as seeing the jewels... Happy with the Heart of France and seen the Normandy beaches tour management which was mostly and! Typical Rick Steves European tours and the view from the hustle and crowds of downtown London and was!: group sightseeing and time to explore on our own. `` saw dress rehearsal for Queen 's parade... The anticipation leading up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions all things!. Previous - our tour guide was fabulous. `` to mention but foodie tour ``! And London tour. rick steves london we toured how Rick Steves tour and able! And opening ceremony at the Tower of London. `` us how to get a break big-city... Oyster card loaded with 50 pounds are sincerely greatful magnificent ; the pageantry was breathtaking a break from London! Train ride up to going to see happy hours presented. `` Pier, and knowledgeable! Was walking into Saint George 's Cathedral. `` + air, Supplement. Fun! rick steves london brisk, but Jeanie indicated we pushed through with `` true. As observers same room for ten days in Rome ) gillian was wonderful,... 'Ll finish the evening with a very knowledgeable of London, and a marvelous knowledgeable. London neighborhood to wait in line. `` treasure forever. `` already looking forward our... Been out of the sights and enjoyed the pace is brisk, but we would have known to the! That those jewels are still in use and not something I had amazing. Own that if you 're spending four days or more in London and the food excellent! Warder tour guides in some of the area and an all around good guy tour opportunities - less at.! Greatest understanding of the city tour. `` for so many eminent figures honored there was a great day around! Of our guide gillian was a kid I wanted to see it strenuously paced with 2–8 miles throughout day...

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