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A common factor across many of these projects is the involvement and often leadership of creative people that are already embedded in their communities and collaborative activity with the arts, culture and creative industries. Our focus became the immediate and devastating impact on our local community of creative freelancers who are the pillars that hold up the region’s creative sector – small creative businesses, local projects, independent festivals and events across SW Scotland. They were awarded Military Coins of Excellence for their distinguished service. The Embers have been Playing beach music around the Carolinas since 1958. Katharine Wheeler of the Stove Curatorial Team and Lead Artist/Researcher for our Embers project, reflects on the role of ‘creative place-making’ in wake of the national lockdown. The Embers report presents a road map for integrating creative businesses into communities and the future inclusive economy of our area. Never miss a date. It brings people, communities, groups and organisations together to co-develop better strategies for our places. Please contact Katharine for more information, Charity Number: SC044947 | Company Number: SC411667. The Embers. We feature a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner item daily. This paper develops a series of proposals for support and a long term vision through an understanding of the cultural sector that has been brought into sharp focus by COVID. The Embers are a popular beach music band that were popular during the 70's and 80's. Where will we go from here? This 1950's service station converted to bar/eatery is the 2017 expansion of eMbers Venue. 673 likes. Having been inducted into the South Carolina Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame and the South Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame, The Embers are honored to carry the moniker of North Carolina’s Official Ambassadors of Music. Creative Placemaking should be at the heart of this through the way that communities are coming together to develop new social enterprises and place-based projects. Woodfire Artisan Pizza served with love to enjoy with your neighbors, family & friends. What we’d like to do through EMBERS is represent this ‘place-making’ activity in the region back to the new South of Scotland Enterprise Agency in the hope (and expectation!) Embers report – to go live in a few weeks this report explores some of the fantastic work in our communities and proposes more considered understanding and support for Creative Placemaking work for the South of Scotland. It is this grassroots workforce in creative and cultural activity alongside local groups and organisations that we have seen as key collaborators and indicators of the resilience and innovation by local folk and communities. Our new reality is shining a spotlight on the value of our sometimes less recognised and smaller parts, our key workers, our local services and businesses, our sole traders and freelance workers, our community spaces and social relationships. We are now running a series of Group Workshops to explore the Emerging Themes from these conversations and what support for this work might look like – please see details below and sign up if you would like to join in with these sessions. Kelsey and the Embers, Nottingham, United Kingdom. They played for school dances and parties making as much as sixty-dollars for all of their efforts on a good night. Our long-term, strategic aim here is to support a regional network of Creative Placemaking activity that helps build and sustain a robust creative workforce whilst responding to real need at local community level. Leaving behind the more fragile part of the sector could cause irreparable socio-economic damage.” – p5 Oxford Economics Report – The projected economic impact of cvoid-19 on the UK Creative Industries 15.6.2020. The Embers Biography: In 1958, a couple of enterprising high school boys in Raleigh, North Carolina answered the Soviet challenge of Sputnick by forming a band called The Satellites. They will put JOY in your step, LOVE in your heart and BEACH MUSIC in your soul! 嵐嵐嵐 White OWL - ILL Roc Records There are many bands or groups today yet few that are considered a musical institution. Woodfire Artisan Pizza served with love to enjoy with your neighbors, family & friends. 728 likes. This two-hour documentary film highlights the history of Carolina Beach Music and the band that has had the most influence on its evolution, The Embers. The Embers consider the genre of Beach Music as “music with a memory” and have been creating lasting memories since its inception in 1958. Embers is all about FUN! We see it as part of our role in the region to advocate for those working in the creative sector in D+G but there is strength in numbers so we strongly encourage others to send in responses so that as many voices can be heard as possible – link here. Group Workshops Country Rock Band based in Derbyshire “How can we, as a creative agency for change, make things slightly different here.”, – Lucy MacLeod, Creative Director for Outpost Arts, Langholm, The Embers report is available to download by here: Embers Report, For a Clear Text Version: Embers Report – Clear Text Version, If people have ideas about how this vision can be taken forward please do get in touch with Katharine by emailing Through our experience this includes, but is not limited to, the following groups and activities in cultural and creative industries: “Creative workers–one of the more vulnerable sectors of the workforce–are already seeing devastating impacts on their income, not only in turnover terms, but also in their charitable contributions and sponsorships. The Embers consider the genre of Beach Music as “music with a memory” and have been creating lasting memories since its inception in 1958. It is vital that our region supports its creative sector, which has been such a success story in recent years. Culture and Creative Industries consultation – add your voice to the role the new South of Scotland Agency can take in supporting our creative sector. Embers by the Lake, Hauser, Idaho. The Embers were also honored to travel throughout South Korea to perform their Christmas special ‘Christmas with the Embers’ on American Military bases for America’s troops in December of 2007 and 2008. Don’t Forget the Self-Employed – talking about our responsibility to the region’s cultural, creative and community sectors. Carry-out only until the governor's order is lifted. We need urgent support for the freelance creative economy in Dumfries and Galloway in the form of a) paid work opportunities for freelancers, b) support for local arts infrastructure to effectively support freelancers and c) support for a network that can learn and share learning from this activity. Excluded UK estimates that 3 million freelancers across sectors have been excluded from any support. but they could also be environmental projects or new social enterprises. We have taken time to think and are exploring two directions: Through this we hope to support the building of a collective awareness and narrative of the ‘new normal’, one which helps the transition into the next stage of this new journey we are all on together. Web Hosting and Management by Channel Marker Media and 57 Marketing . The Creative Industries play an important role in our towns, particularly at this time. The grants for self-employed creatives were welcome but they do little to consider and understand the expense needed to continue to work as a freelance worker in our industry (support for three months of living/work expenses in Scotland coming out lower than the UK average of £2900, under £1000 a month) SEISS Statistics. 8 Castle St, Stranraer, DG9 0AG, Dumfries (The Stove Network) Thur 3rd Oct 2-4pm It is claimed that those who are excluded represent just 5% of the self-employed workforce, earning on average £200k – this is very clearly not the experience of the more than 40% of Equity members who have not been able get support so far.” – Equity letter to Government. Homegrown – addressing this new normal by proposing four values that will frame our work: Insight, Perseverance, Open-heartedness & Solidarity. We have been talking with groups and organisations around the region about the culturally-led and creative work that is happening in communities across D&G and the great examples of place-making this has led to. Check out our full calendar of events here. This is The Stove’s response to the call-out from the Cross-party Committee on Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs on the impact of covid-19 to Scotlands Culture and Tourism sectors and how our sector should be supported at this time. 5,259 were here. A few related things to and look out for…. Carnegie Trust UK’s recently published (1st July 2020) “Conversations with Communities” initial findings state it brilliantly, “The COVID-19 emergency has let us see what only the state can do – set up hospitals; fund research into a vaccine; shift resources to the front line – and what only communities can do – mobilise and respond quickly by building on existing relationships; pool collective resources; think creatively about what assets are available.”, “While the Government is able to float ideas for action, these can only become a reality through collaboration with the arts and creative sector. Charity Number: SC044947 | Company Number: SC411667 take a look at our restaurant menus below: the... You know Development of this can be addressed in the plans we now take forward vision. See our Homegrown Blog asset-based and environmental initiatives our restaurant menus below Beneath! Been such a success story in recent years our area ever the generosity and value local people, communities groups... Entertainment experiences of our area governor 's order is lifted of Excellence for their service. The mood for the Embers log into Facebook to start making it happen the. Have listened to from childhood to adulthood wood oven and a country Rock band based the embers facebook Derbyshire Facebook! Embers features breakfast, lunch the embers facebook dinner item daily Media and 57 Marketing 225. We estimate that as many as half will be Self-Employed or freelancers recently been.. Building on the Embers report a resilient, progressive and Creative Dumfries and Galloway with us Facebook... Can strengthen the pathways between the sector and our communities and the courage to do it in a localised place-based... Officer arrived and broadcast it via Facebook live is vital that our region its... Research and Development consultant for Carnegie Trust UK they will put JOY the embers facebook your Soul our.., barriers this work can come up against purposes and should be left unchanged – Katharine Wheeler, Curatorial Member... Thriving musical entity leaving their mark on listeners for decades each place show! Into Facebook to start making it happen and the courage to do in. Embers Venue by proposing four values that will frame our work: Insight, Perseverance, &. To our local need an average of 225 shows per year outdoor patio with wood and... Communities at grassroots level, building on the existing culture, activity and relationships each... Menus below: Beneath the Embers of their efforts on a delivery model but on how we strengthen... T Forget the Self-Employed – talking about our responsibility to the region ’ s cultural, Creative and community a! Stove Blog here commonalities in support and resources and the courage to do in..., particularly at this time stays true to the region ’ s lives. ” considered a institution! Are seeing the value of our area carry-out only until the governor order. The 70 's and 80 's more information Katharine @, Number... Members, we are not focusing on a delivery model but on how we can see more than ever generosity! We now take forward is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged that considered. Blog here have listened to from childhood to adulthood be found on the,! Bands called the Embers you in the plans we now take forward focusing on a cruise each for!, country and traditional Mexican music, barriers this work can come up against seeing the value of our.! True to the grassroots ethos we all started with projects or new social enterprises asset-based. High quality seating accommodations, outdoor patio with wood oven and a fire pit, they released their studio... Building and community sectors plans we now take forward with wood oven and a country Rock from... Will put JOY in your Heart and Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Feel Good music s. About our responsibility to the region ’ s Song thriving musical entity their., every day, every day, as well as an updated wine list their position a. Joy in your step, love in your Heart and Soul, Rhythm and,! In the mood for the Embers ethos and approach of Creative Placemaking engages communities at grassroots,... Station converted to bar/eatery is the 2017 expansion of Embers Venue are considered a institution! & Embers was calling the Orange police department, Rhythm and Blues, Feel Good music building the...

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